Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for 2022

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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for 2022

Sick of your old bathroom? We’ve been there. Apart from your kitchen and bedroom, the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your house, and the constant presence of moisture can create a wide variety of issues. But remodeling your bathroom is an exciting opportunity to fix up part of your home while simultaneously increasing its overall value. 

Before you pick up a hammer and start the demo process, get up to date with the latest bathroom remodeling ideas and trends. This will ensure you wind up with a finished product you absolutely love.

8 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Here are eight ideas and recommendations for your bathroom remodel: 

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas - Start With A Theme

1. Start with a theme. 

Turn on any house-flipping or home improvement show, and you’ll notice an important truth: There’s no shortage of beautiful options when it comes to picking a theme for your bathroom. 

A few of the most popular bathroom themes today include:

  • Modern – The modern look emphasizes clean lines throughout the design. A typical modern bathroom may feature a floating vanity, a glass shower enclosure, and minimalist faucets.
  • Contemporary – Most contemporary bathrooms combine technology with sleek appearances, so you may find digital shower controls, smart mirrors (which can connect to the internet to give you the news while you start your day), and minimalist designs.
  • Traditional – Traditional bathrooms are timeless and incorporate a great variety of decorative elements, such as antique-style lighting or even wallpaper and decorative molding.
  • Farmhouse – Farmhouse bathrooms tend to focus on simple, rural styles. This can include elements such as claw-foot tubs, trough sinks, and sliding doors (like a barn door).
  • Rustic – The rustic look embraces natural tones and textures, often using wood vanities, copper sinks, stone counters, and weathered hardware.

Picking out a theme at the beginning of your bathroom remodel planning state can help guide many of your other decisions down the line, and even as you consider recommendations throughout the rest of this blog.


Bathroom Remodeling Ideas - Think About Your Fixtures

2. Think about your fixtures. 

Your fixtures, such as the pulls on your vanity drawers, say a lot about your bathroom and the aesthetic you’re trying to capture. Opting for a simple black matte finish screams elegant sophistication, while a brushed modern brass design can evict a tasteful folksy element. 

For best results, coordinate your fixtures between your shower, sink, towel racks, and even your door knob. This will produce common focal points throughout the bathroom and become pleasing to the eye. 

Just be sure that your fixtures fit in with the rest of your bathroom theme! 


Bathroom Remodeling Ideas - Pay Attention To Your Floors

3. Pay attention to your floors.

You have a wide variety of flooring options for your bathroom remodel, especially since so many floors manufactured today are waterproof. Popular options today include:

  • Porcelain or ceramic tile – This classic option is stylish and available in a variety of styles. 
  • Vinyl flooring – Vinyl flooring is available in sheets, planks, or tiles, in a variety of styles, and it is often relatively easy to install. Even better: Improvements in designs over the years have helped make them look more realistic alongside wooden and stone floors. 
  • Natural stone – While expensive, stone floors are incredibly durable and beautiful. 
  • Engineered hardwood – While natural hardwood is generally a bad choice for high-moisture areas, engineered hardwood is durable enough to withstand most bathrooms, which can give you the elegant hardwood look without the hardwood vulnerability and cupping.
  • Laminate flooring – Laminate flooring is essentially made from resin and fiberboard, and it includes a photograph of real wood on top of it. As with vinyl, laminate flooring has evolved to look more and more realistic over the years. If properly installed, it can withstand the moisture of your bathroom and offer a warm, inviting touch. 

Like your fixtures, your floor should complement your bathroom’s theme.


Bathroom Remodeling Ideas - Install Extra Outlets

4. Install extra outlets. 

Have you ever tried to get ready for a big night out from a bathroom without conveniently placed outlets? It’s a nightmare. 

But with ample three-pronged outlets, you and your better half can get ready together at the same time without fighting over wall outlets. 

Keeping them close to your vanity ensures you have convenient access while preparing in front of your mirror. 

Another great idea: Install a few outlets inside your vanity drawers. This is perfect for charging your phone or tablet while getting ready for a night on the town. And don’t forget to consider purchasing USB-friendly outlets for your electronics!


Bathroom Remodeling Ideas - Consider Your Storage

5. Consider your storage. 

Proper storage space can make your break your bathroom. Too much storage, and you’re left with bulky cabinets or deep closets that rob floor space. Too little storage, and your surfaces are bound to be cluttered with hair products, toothbrushes, and much, much more. It’s a topic important enough that we even addressed it in one of our Facebook posts:

If you’re planning to completely remodel your bathroom, consider whether you have enough storage space at the moment, then consider how you could optimize. 

Remember: Not all storage space needs to be enclosed. Floating shelves are a popular option for individuals who want extra shelves without bulky cabinets. 


Bathroom Remodeling Ideas - Think About Your Lighting

6. Think about your lighting. 

Your lighting can have a major impact on how much you appreciate the end product of your bathroom remodel. 

For example, your vanity area should receive ample lighting to assist you as you prepare for the day. And if you have a full-body mirror in the bathroom, you should have enough lighting nearby to fully take in the day’s outfit and ensure you look good before you leave the house.

And before you start remodeling, consider whether you have enough natural light. Sufficient natural light can soften the features of your bathroom and even create opportunities for fresh air. 


Bathroom Remodeling Ideas - Improve Your Ventilation

7. Improve your ventilation.

Bathrooms are wet, steamy places, and sufficient ventilation can prevent harmful moisture buildup and mold. 

We concluded our discussion on natural lighting by talking about windows, and an extra window or two in your bathroom can assist in getting enough airflow into your bathroom after a steamy shower. 

But there are other options available.

Some modern bathrooms even have timed fans and vents that automatically turn off after a set period of time, eventually turning off after sucking the steam out of the bathroom for an extended period of time. 


Bathroom Remodeling Ideas - Handicap-Friendly

8. Consider whether the design needs to be handicap-friendly. 

If you or a loved one has mobility issues, a bathroom remodel can significantly improve their quality of life. Extra space under the sink, for example, can make handwashing much easier, and a strong, supportive seat in the shower can make bathing simpler and safer. 

Our team has years of experience installing raised bathtubs (which are easier to step into and side down inside) and ADA-compliant showers for handicapped people

Don’t Forget to Consider Your Remodeling Costs!

The price of your remodel depends on a wide variety of factors, especially whether you’re removing walls, moving the plumbing, or installing any electrical work. However, simply swapping out fixtures or adding a fresh layer of paint can be quite affordable! (Check our article on how to calculate your bathroom remodel costs to learn more!)

When calculating your bathroom remodeling costs, factor in both the cost of the materials themselves and the time and skill level required for a proper installation. In some cases, you could actually save money long-term by having someone else lead your remodel (instead of doing it yourself and then hiring someone to fix mistakes later on). 

The return on investment of your bathroom remodel will depend on a variety of factors, including exactly what sort of improvements you made. But over time, a bathroom upgrade can add significant value to your home. Plus, there’s the intangible benefit as well. A bathroom you love is great for your mental wellbeing.

Find Bathroom Remodeling Ideas in Pittsburgh

For more bathroom remodeling ideas, contact the team at Pittsburgh Tub & Shower! With decades of experience, we’ve remodeled countless bathrooms in and around the Pittsburgh region. 

Financing options are available! Call 412-403-6183 to learn more!

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