8 Small Bathroom Ideas: How to Get More Out Of Your Space

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Small Bathroom Ideas For A Better Space

If you’re looking for small bathroom ideas, we understand the pressure you’re under. A small bathroom can create a frustrating experience, as cramped spaces can make everything from drying off with a shower to maneuvering with a hair dryer a little bit more difficult! 

But even a small bathroom can become a welcoming space. By choosing the right design choices and committing to a few optimal bathroom remodeling ideas, you can have a warm, inviting bathroom with plenty of room for everything you need!  

Read on for small bathroom ideas you can use today!

Small Bathroom Ideas For An Efficient Space

8 Small Bathroom Ideas For A Welcoming, Efficient Space

If you have a small bathroom, here are a few renovation and design ideas you can use for a better overall experience:

1. Pay attention to your paint colors. Interestingly, your choice of paints within your small bathroom can have a significant impact on the feeling you create within. 

Light or bright colors can create a happy, cozy environment, but dark colors, especially black, can create an extra sense of depth that can actually make the room appear bigger than it is. 

Your paint colors have a significant impact on your bathroom’s overall look, so choose wisely!

3. Install more (or bigger) mirrors. Mirrors can have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of your bathroom, especially because they’re so effective at reflecting light and making a room seem bigger than it really is. If you really want to open up the space, choose a larger mirror. The bigger it is, the greater the illusion. We believe so much in the power of good mirror selection in a small bathroom, we even made it the focal point of one of our Tuesday tips:

3. Install a pocket door. As you know, most doors open into the bathroom. Although this means more space in your hallway or master bedroom (depending on where the bathroom is located), a doorway can consume valuable real estate within a small bathroom. 

Instead of using a traditional door, opt for a pocket door. A pocket door slides directly into the wall, leaving you with extra floor space in your bathroom!

4. Expand your tile floor into the shower. This is actually two tips in one because it requires you to strip out the bathtub or traditional shower stall for a walk-in shower. (Check out our shower conversions to learn more!) By using the same tile throughout the bathroom and extending it into the shower, you create a fluid transition from one section to the other, making the room feel a little bigger than it really is!

5. Focus on storage spaces to avoid clutter. If you have a small bathroom, you’re likely aware of how difficult it is to stay organized. Anything sitting on a countertop or on the side of the tub is liable to get knocked over, meaning closets and drawers are invaluable!

Obviously, additional drawers or even a closet built into the wall can be incredibly helpful. But don’t forget to give your shower the same treatment! While shower caddies can be useful in eliminating clutter, a shower niche provides an extra touch of sophistication—and it keeps everything within each reach! Plus, shower niches are easier to clean than most caddies, which can get caked in soap and shampoo over time!

6. Use a glass shower door. Glass shower doors are often designed to slide open, which can save significant space compared to a traditional shower door. In addition, using a glass shower door is easier to clean, and it’ll eliminate the need for a shower curtain and a liner—both of which can harbor bacteria (as we’ve mentioned in a previous Tip Tuesday):

7. Consider whether you need any safety add-ons. If you have any sort of physical limitations, you may be in the market for a raised bathtub or an ADA-compliant shower

These have built-in features, such as handrails and non-slip floors, that can make bathing safer, with or without someone else assisting. We’re also seeing shower seats grow in popularity, and this can be great for a small bathroom because the seats often fold up against the wall, giving you a little extra room when it’s not in use.

8. Use larger tiles on the walls and floors. Although the general recommendation is to use smaller floors in smaller spaces, a greater number of lines can be distracting and even create a cluttered appearance.

Using larger tiles on the floor can actually make your floor appear bigger, improving the overall impression of your bathroom!

Finance Your Small Bathroom Remodel

Finance Your Small Bathroom Remodel Costs Today!

Did you know you can fully finance your small bathroom remodel by visiting our financing page? We have many different payment options to help you access a better bathroom!

We’ve always emphasized the importance of financing because we know calculating your bathroom remodel costs can be challenging, especially if you have very specific wants or needs. 

To learn more about your remodeling options—including a free quote—fill out the form on our contact page or call 412-403-6183.

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